Al Hidâya (Ramadan 1426 / October 2005)

Al Hidâya (Ramadan 1426 / October 2005)

Meaning and benefits of Ramadaan

  1. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas() has said: “No doubt, the Holy Prophet( ) used to pray 20 rakaats(Taraweeh) apart from the Witr, during the month of Ramadan.” [Ibn Abi Shaybah, Tibrani, Kabeer, Bayhaqi & Baghawi
  2. Hazrat Imam Malik() has reported from Yazîd ibn Rummaan Saaib() that at the time of Sayyiduna Hazrat Umar(), people used to perform 23 rakaats(20 Taraweeh + 3 witr). [Muwatta ImammMalik]
  3. Ibn Muni’ has reported on authority of Hazrat Ubay Ibn Kaab() that Hazrat Umar() had ordered Ubay to perform Taraweeh for the people during then nights of Ramadan and added that during the day people fast and they cannot read the Quraan well. So if you perform the Salat, it would be better. Ubay Ibn Kaab therefore said before that this work was not being done, so Hazrat Umar() replied, I know very well but this is a good deed. So Ubay Ibn Kaab( )performed 20 rakaates of Taraweeh.
  4. Hazrat Ali() called the Qaris during the month of Ramadan. And he ordered one person to perform Taraweeh for 20 rakaats for the people. And he himself prayed Witr for them. [Bayhaqi]

To perform 20 rakaats for Taraweeh is therefore the general consensus (Ijma) of the Sahabas. All the Ulema are unanimous about this and this is the general practice throughout the worl in the Muslim Ummah.

The month of Ramadaan in the Hadiths

  1. During the month of Ramadan, Hazrat Umar() grouped the Sahabas of the Holy Prophet() behind the Imamat of Ubay Ibn Kaab(). And Ubay used to perform 20 rakaats of Namaz Taraweeh for the Sahabas. No one objected. So this is how 20 rakaats for Taraweeh became the Ijma(General consensus) of the Sahabas. [Badaa’i-us- Sanaa-igh, Vol 1, page 288]
  2. According to Ibn Abdul Barr() , and very often this is what the Ulemas also say and Kufi Imam Sha’fi’ and several Fuqaha agree that Taraweeh prayers consist of 20 rakaats. [Umdatul Qari – Vol 5, page 355]
  3. According to Ijma of Sahabas, the Taraweeh consists of 20 rakaats. [Maraaqihul Falaah – Sharh Noorul Izaa]
  4. Allama Ibn Hajar has said that there is general agreement amont the Sahabas that Taraweeh consists of 20 rakaats.
  5. Allama Ali Qari(?) has said that there is general agreement among Sahabas that Taraweeh consists of 20 rakaats. [Mirqaat- Vol 2 page 175]
  6. Imam Tirmizi(?) has said that ‘Apart from HazratUmar(?) and Hazrat Ali(?), on the authority of the Sahabas of the Holy Prophet(?) there is a general consensus and several people of knowledge are of the opinion that Taraweeh consists of 20 rakaats. Imam Sufyaan Thawri(R.A), Abdullah Ibn Mubarak(R.A) et Imam Sha’fi'(R.A) share the same view. And Imam Shâfi’i(R.A) has even said that “I have in my town Macca seen people read 20 rakaats
    of Taraweeh.” Tirmizi page 99.
  7. From the principles of the Khulafa-e-Raashideen,it is proved that there are 20 rakaats for Namaz Taraweeh. [Tahtawi alal Maraki p 224 ]
  8. Allama Ibn Abideen Shami(R.A) has said,”Taraweeh is of 20 rakaats and this is the public majority opinion and from east to west, this is the practice of all peoples. [Shami Vol 1 p 195]
  9. Performing 20 rakaates for the Namaz Taraweeh is often the recommendation of all the Ulemas. This is based on the tradition of Imam Malik as reported by Yazîd Ibn Saaib. [Bahrul Raa-ik, Vol 2, p166]
  10. Imam Ghazali(R.) has said, “Taraweeh is 20 rakaats.” [Ihya ul Uloom, Vol 1 p 201]
  11. Shah Waliullah Mohaddice Delhwi(R.A) has said “Namaz Taraweeh is 20 rakaats.” [Hujjatullahul Baligha Vol 2 pa 18]
  12. It is Sunnah to recite 20 rakaates for theTaraweeh. [Sharh-e-Wikaaya Vol 1 page 175].