Al Hidâya (Ramadan 1426 / October 2005)

Al Hidâya (Ramadan 1426 / October 2005)

Meaning and benefits of Ramadaan

Reasons for the name Ramadaan.

Ramadaan is based upon Ramd which means to burn. Since this month wipes sins and ‘burns’ them, therefore the name was transformed into ‘Ramdwa’. And it means feet getting stuck on burning ground. Since this month is the cause of burning the Nafs, hence its name became Ramadaan. Ghaus-ul-‘Azam, Sayyidinâ Abdul Qâdir Jilaani has said that Ramadaan contains 5 letters.
 means Raza of Allah – Pleasure of Allah.
 stands for Muhaabaat – Love.
 means – Zimaan-e-Khuda – Guarantee of Allah.
 means Ulfat – Affection, Frienship.
 stands for Nûr of Allah – Allah’s Light.

In the month of Ramadaan, believers obtain the Pleasure of Allah, His Love, Guarantee and Light.

Important Events.

  1. Opening of the doors of Jannah and closing of the doors of Hell.
    3 Ramadan – Hazrat Ibraheem obtained theSaheef. (Booklets).
    3 Ramadan: Wisaal of Hazrat Sayyidatunâ Faatimatuz Zahraah.
    6 Ramadan. Hazrat Moosa received the Torah.
    10 Ramadan. Wisaal of Ummul Mu’mineen Hazrat Khatiijatul Kubrâ.
    13 Ramadan. Hazrat Issâ received the Bible(Injeel).
    13 Ramadan. Demise (Wisaal) of Hazrat Sirri Saqati(R.A) 14 Ramadan. Wisaal of Hazrat Baayazid Bustâmi(R.A).
    17 Ramadan. Battle of Badr. Wisaal de Ummul Mu’mineen Hazrat Aïsha Siddiqua.
    18 Ramadan. Hazrat Dawood received the Psalms. (Zaboor).
    21 Ramadan. Shahaadat of Amirul Mu’mineen, Hazrat Sayyidunâ Ali.
    27 Ramadan. Le Saint Quraat was revealed to Hazrat Sayyidunâ Muhammad

Benefits of the month of Ramadaan

The Muslim Ummah agrees by wide consensus that the month of Ramadan is superior to all the other months of the year. Allama Ibn Jawzi(R.A) has said that just like among the 12 sons of Hazrat Ya’coob, Hazrat Yusuf was preferred, in the same way, among the twelve months, Allah prefers the month of Ramadan. And in the same manner that thanks to Hazrat Yusuf, Allah had forgiven his brothers, in the same way, Allah forgives the sins that are to occur in th remaining 11 months of the year thanks to the benefits of the month of Ramadan.

Allah sent revelation to Hazrat Moosa, “I have provided the Ummah Muhammadiyya with two lights so that the might escape from two types of darknesses. Hazrat Moosa then said, “O my Lord, what are those two lights? Allah replied: “Those two lights are the Holy Quraan and the sacred month of Ramadaan.” “And what about the two darkenesses? Allah said, “One of them is the darkness of grave and the other one is the darkness of the Day of Judgement.”

The month of Ramadaan in the Hadiths

In the Hadiths, the huge benefits of the month of Ramadan are narrated. Here are a few of them.

Hadith no. 1

According to Selon Hazrat Abu Hurayra(), the Holy Prophet has said: “When the month of Ramadan comes, the doors of heaven are opened (and according to some other sources) the doors of Paradise are opened and the doors of hell are closed and the devils are chained, (and according to some other sources) the doors of Mercy are opened as well. [Bukhari & Muslim]

Hadith no. 2

According to Hazrat Abu Hurayra, the Holy Prophet() has said: ” Whoever observes the fasting of Ramdan with faith and hope of reward, will find his forthcoming sins forgiven; whosoever prays at night (Taraweeh & Tahajjud) during Ramadan with faith and hope of reward will see his future sins forgiven; and whosoever prays on the night of Laylatu Qadr with faith and hope of reward will see all his sins forgiven. [Bukhari & Muslim]

Hadith 3

The month of Ramadan is the month of d’Allah, protect yourself therefore[against committing sins] during this month. {Kunuz}

Hadith 4

The month of Ramadan is the month of Allah and the month of Sha’baan is my month. Sha’baan purifies whereas Ramadan wipes [sins]. {Kazaul A’mal}

Good deeds during Ramadan

  1. Fasting
  2. Taraweeh
  3. Namaz
  4. Recitation of Holy Qur’aan.
  5. Zikrullah and recitation of Durood Shareef.
  6. Respect for the month of Ramadaan.
  7. Doing good for the poor and needy.
  8. Giving Zakaat.
  9. Take care of parents with respect.
  10. Repentance from sins and seeking forgiveness.
  11. And read this du’a especially at the time of Sehri and Iftaar.

Rabbanaa aatina fiddunya hasanatawn wa fil aakhirati hassanatawn wa quina ‘azaabann naar.